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Learn to treat pediatric patients in the 0-4 years age group in our online course with 12 months access.

Enjoy learning in your own time with us online with 12 months access to lectures, videos and clinical resources.....

Starting from pregnancy, you'll learn the very early impacts on oral development and how you can help shape your patient's oral health before they are even born...
  • Learn how to examine an infant from 4 months old, the various oral milestones and stages of development right up until age 4, the end of early childhood.
  • We'll show you how to identify and what to do about issues such as tongue and lip tie, pacifier and thumb habits, early decay and dental trauma, and much more!
  • All course participants have access to the course starting on the 12th of March and can learn in their own time with 12 months access to the course.
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-       understand etiology of dental disease in the child population
-       learn the historical and current trends in dental and oral disease such as ECC
-       learn the importance and evidence for prevention, early intervention and treatment of children under the age of 4 years old
-       understand the role and scope of practice of the dental clinician in screening for dental and medical conditions in this age group in the dental setting
Pregnancy and in the womb
-       understand embryological oral development 
-       learn the impacts on fetal development
-       Learn the dental and oral conditions associated with pregnancy
-       Learn current and emerging research in pregnancy related OSA and impact of fetal craniofacial, oral and dental development
The Young Baby: Birth – 3 months
-       Learn the anatomy of the oral structures of a newborn baby
-       Understand the growth and development of the oral cavity from birth to 3 months
-       Learn about the mechanics of breastfeeding 
-       Understand the impact of infant feeding on the growth and development of the oral cavity and its structures
The Older Baby: 4-24 months old
-       Learn the oral and dental anatomy of this age group
-       Learn oral and dental milestones of this age group
-       Understand the differences in the oral cavity of a young baby compared to an older baby 
-       Understand the impacts on oral and dental growth and development in this age group
-       Know the patterns of tooth eruption
-       Understand the impact of introduction of solids on the oral and dental environment
-       Learn the importance of diet, feeding and nutrition in this age group
-       Learn recommendations for drinking and eating for best oral and dental development in this age group
-       Learn the importance of the 4 Phases of the Baby Exam
-       Understand and feel confident to implement the 4 Phase Baby Exam in your practice
Tongue and Lip Tie
-       Gain knowledge of current accepted and valid research and evidence regarding this topic
-       Understand the potential implications of tongue and lip tie to the oral cavity and dentition
-       Understand the gaps in the global knowledge and evidence for tongue and lip tie identification and treatment
-       Understand the importance of identification of tongue/lip tie in the 0-4 years and how to manage and support your patient 
-       Learn an evidence-based care model for the 0-4 year age group to utilise in the dental setting
-       Recognise and be able to identify a normal frenum – both lingual and lip
-       Recognise and identify a potentially problematic attachment that requires further investigation by a medical or dental professional specialised in this area
-       Confidently refer to the appropriate dental and medical professionals who can provide specialist help and intervention if required
Thumb, finger sand pacifier sucking habits
-       Understand oral implications related to oral habits such as pacifier, thumb and finger sucking habits in the 0-4 yrs age group
-       Gain knowledge of current research and evidence 
-       Feel confident in giving parents recommendations and advice for this age group
-       understand and feel confident in referring to other health professionals where necessary 
Mouth breathing and Dental implications
-       Understand the role of the dental professional in sleep and breathing issues in this age group
-       Identify oral and dental signs of a possible mouth breathing problem in this age group
-       Identify oral and dental signs of a possible sleep disorder in this age group
-       Confidently discuss with parents possible symptoms of a sleep/breathing problem
-       Learn referral pathways for patients from the dental environment
-       Utilise screening tools for this age group in the dental setting
Dentistry in 0-4 years
-       Research on ECC
-       Modern pathways of treatment planning and treatment of ECC in 0-4 years
-       Role of nutrition 
-       Role of microbiome and changing of data 
-       Learn child behaviour management techniques for the 0- 4 years age group
-       Learn advice and prevention of ECC